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Using on-campus licences safely anywhere


Solving IT challenges: Academic Software's toolbox for education institutions

Academic Software solves many different IT challenges for colleges, schools and universities. When an educational institution is looking to solve a particular challenge, we are able to help select and implement the best option from our toolbox to offer an answer. One of the tools we use is designed to solve the question of how to give access to licence servers outside the campus network in a secure way. IP whitelisting via the Academic Software platform is a secure means by which users can be given access to licence servers away from campus without the use of VPN. 


Providing access outside the campus network ordinarily means setting up a VPN connection between the network and end users’ devices. But connecting the campus infrastructure with multiple unmanaged networks and devices through VPN introduces security risks, increasing the number of entry points for attackers.


Secure access to licence servers: IP whitelisting with Academic Software

IP white-listing (also called “allow-listing”) via the Academic Software platform removes the need for VPN by opening a time-limited proxy between the licence server and the end user’s device. When an end user requests a licence, their IP address is allowed access to the trusted licence server for a set time period. The access is limited to the ports needed by the application and isolated from the rest of the campus network. Unknown entities trying to access the system from an unlisted IP address will be restricted.


IP white-listing, set up and maintained by Academic Software, is one of the key ways Academic Software ensures a seamless and flexible experience for your end users, whilst keeping your network secure. Interested in knowing more? Get in touch!