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Data security: Academic Software's approach

Keeping safe the personal data of young people in education is a big concern for schools, colleges and universities. How do you provide individualised access to digital tools for learning and teaching but still give the highest priority to safeguarding the individual, personal data of users?


Keeping your data safe: Academic Software's commitment to data privacy

The simple answer is that Academic Software provides a tailormade experience for users, without needing to handle their personal data. Your institution never has to give away access to the data of its students, staff or researchers.  



Single sign-on and data anonymization: protecting user information in Academic Software

By working through Single Sign-On (SSO), Academic Software keeps the amount of user data we  handle to an absolute minimum. We don’t create accounts for the users – the Academic Software platform operates by linking the Academic Software Identity Broker with the SSO of your institution and the SSO of the vendor. We can thereby anonymise the necessary data without impacting the use of the tool.


Users log in with their usual institutional credentials, and the platform assigns them to the correct group to access their digital tools. A user never has to log in to any app directly because SSO makes use of a secure token via the platform that represents the user. 


Academic Software simply does not need users’ personal details in order to provide them with licences and access to software, applications and learning platforms. So it’s straightforward for your users, and you don’t have to worry about sharing personal data.