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Accelerate cloud usage in your institution

  • Tired of complicated virtual lab setup and management?
  • Interested in migrating to the cloud without burdening your IT team?
  • Ready to optimise your budget through intelligent cost management?
  • Want to leverage the power of the cloud without spatial or temporal limitations?

Explore the ways our cloud solutions can future-proof
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Research Cloud


As a part of the Academic Software platform, Research Cloud empowers institutions to seamlessly equip researchers with essential cloud resources. This user-friendly and adaptable solution ensures institutional control while offering simplicity and flexibility to researchers.

It incorporates vital features such as auto-scaling, auto shut-off, and detailed dashboard reporting for cost allocation. Collaborating with expert cloud engineers helps us to deliver best practice resource optimisation and to stay abreast of dynamic cloud computing trends.

Our features

Cloud agnostic

With integrations including Microsoft Intune, Jamf, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Academic Software’s Cloud solutions simplify the management of cloud assets.

Our experts collaborate closely with your institution to assess viable cloud migration possibilities, guide you through a gradual transition, and offer unwavering support and training for optimal utilisation of cloud services. Enjoy the benefits of a truly cloud-agnostic solution tailored to your needs.

Cost management

Elevate your cost management with Academic Software's automated, cost-monitored cloud solutions, catering to students, educators, and researchers.

Prevent overspending through cost-control elements like auto shutdown and preset usage limits. Effortlessly monitor and track usage via dashboard reporting, eliminating the need for intricate cloud management knowledge.


Experience remarkable user-friendliness with Academic Software's cloud solutions. Say goodbye to the setup hassle—our expert team, along with your institution's IT, handle the initial configuration.

After that, educators and students can seamlessly set up labs, utilising virtual machines for assignments and exercises. This removes the burden of navigating the full cloud management environment, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Virtual labs and classrooms

Academic Software's Cloud solutions effortlessly deliver apps from diverse operating systems and virtual labs to students' devices. These labs facilitate hands-on scientific experiences without spatial or temporal limitations, unlike traditional labs.

Serving as exceptional digital resources, virtual labs boost cost-efficiency and student productivity significantly. Furthermore, they enable remote participation in schoolwork, seamlessly integrating the convenience and user-friendliness of modern technology.

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Discover the power of Academic Software's seamless cloud solutions to simplify setup, control costs, and monitor resources in real-time.

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