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Efficient approval flow: simplify access to digital tools

Access to digital resources – software, learning platforms and web and cloud applications – is at the heart of education today, and we work to remove barriers to using digital tools in teaching and learning. However, in some cases it may be necessary to have approval steps in place to ensure resources are being used efficiently.


For example, expensive licences may require additional oversight to ensure that they are being used by the right people and for the right reasons. In order to achieve this, the Academic Software platform can include an approval flow process for end users.


Enhancing efficiency: ensuring correct and transparent resource usage with Academic Software's approval flow

When an end user wants to access a particular digital tool, they can submit an approval request through the platform. This request is sent directly to the relevant person or group of people that need to provide approval. This can include teachers, administrators, or project leads. The request can also be sent to the institution's ticketing system, where it can be tracked and managed.


With one click, the licence can be approved and the user is granted access via the platform. This streamlines the process and makes it easier for end users to get the resources they need.


If the request is not approved, the platform allows the person providing the approval to give a reason for the denial. This information is then communicated to the end user, so they understand why their request was denied.


With Academic Software’s approval flow process, you can ensure that licences are being used correctly and by the right people, while also providing transparency and communication throughout the process.