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Unlocking the future of education with Google and the Signpost Group

On 30th May, a group of education professionals gathered at Google's Brussels office for the latest in the Leaders Series of events. Organized by Google for Education and the Signpost Group, this exclusive event aimed to help educators assess the impact of EdTech on student progress and highlighted AI’s potential and risks to transform education.  

Following a short welcome from the hosts, the event kicked off with a networking session, enabling attendees to connect with colleagues and peers. This set a collaborative tone for the sessions that followed.   


The first of these was a keynote presentation by Maureen Heymans, VP of Engineering at Google. She highlighted how AI is reshaping the world of education and demonstrated how Google is supporting this transformation. Participants also gained further insight on Google’s new LearnLM product suite, which uses AI to make teaching and learning experiences more active, personal and engaging. 


Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith followed next with an in-depth analysis of her work with the LEO Academy Trust. Her project studied the benefits of providing a Chromebook to every pupil and staff member in nine primary schools across London and South East England. The research outcomes identified improved academic performance of up to 23% above the national average. 


Her presentation underscored the importance of evidence-based approaches to integrating technology in education.  Dr Aubrey-Smith also outlined strategies for attendees to assess digital learning initiatives in their own institutions. In addition, she shared insights on how EdTech can enhance learning, wellbeing and productivity within educational organizations.  


The event's interactive segment featured a guided design sprint led by Lise Galuga, a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer. This session enabled participants to brainstorm and develop frameworks for evaluating EdTech tools' effectiveness within their institutions. By sharing ideas and inspiration with their peers, attendees were able to build actionable plans and strategies tailored to their specific contexts. 


Pieter Destaebel, International Sales Manager at the Signpost Group, delivered the final presentation of the day, highlighting their latest products and reiterating the company’s commitment to supporting schools undergoing digital transformation. 


As Sophie Moujathid, a Teacher and founder at La Maison de Phénix, commented: “We realized that we needed to change to best support our students in becoming proficient with digital tools. Signpost has been with us from the start, offering a comprehensive range of services including hardware and software procurement, installation, tech support and training for our teachers and pupils. It's a significant advantage for our school.” 


Feedback from attendees praised the “excellent networking opportunities” and “the chance to discuss key topics with peers in a relaxed setting.” The collaboration between Signpost Group and Google continues to thrive. It has now created this unique platform for leading education professionals to exchange ideas and explore the future of EdTech. 

If you’d like to attend future Signpost group events or if you would like support with your digital transition, then please contact alain.leuregans@signpost.eu or amara.kentour@academicsoftware.com  


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