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Success story Thomas More - Adobe Express


With the help of Adobe Express, students at Thomas More, the largest college in Flanders, can successfully deliver and pitch their final projects in the form of a one-page website. We visited the campuses in Mechelen and Turnhout to gather feedback from several lecturers.

With Adobe Express, your only limit is your imagination. In fact, students' creativity gets a significant boost thanks to this brilliant application. Especially during their final projects, they benefit from a handy tool that allows them to quickly and easily create a one-page website. This enables them to engage in chronological and visual digital storytelling to pitch their projects to lecturers or external parties. With the help of Adobe Express, this works brilliantly, and at Thomas More, it is even essential for the success of final projects. Academic Software visited the campuses in Mechelen and Turnhout and interviewed two lecturers about their positive experiences with Adobe Express.

Bart Van Eemeren

Added value for events, even in sports programmes

As an IT lecturer at the Turnhout campus, Bart Van Eemeren is convinced of the added value of Adobe Express, even within their dynamic sports programmes.

“Our students often work on sports events and design flyers, brochures, and posters using Adobe tools. Our third-year students annually organise Workout Wonderland, a major event for which they also create a website, flyers, and manage social media. They use Adobe Express to showcase these materials.

I explain a few functions to them, and then they just get started on their own because Adobe Express is very intuitive. Since it’s so compact and user-friendly, they can create a ready-to-use flyer for an event after just one 90-minute class! This saves both lecturers and students a lot of time.”

Quick and easy: from an idea to a one-page website

“The advantage of Adobe Express is its low threshold,” says Thomas De Weerdt, video lecturer at the Ham Campus in Mechelen. “It’s an intelligent tool that nicely enriches the students' final projects: a video report, with photos, text, and fun ‘behind the scenes’ videos.

Together with my students, I primarily use Adobe Express for one-page websites, allowing us to quickly move from an idea to a full-fledged website with images and text
. Personally, I find Adobe Express to be the most comprehensive tool for creating one-page websites.

Thomas De Weerdt

The various useful features of Adobe Express are particularly decisive. “It’s great that you can work with ‘blocks’. This way, students can easily add text boxes and images, building the website for their final project chronologically. Additionally, Adobe has incorporated Firefly AI tools within Express. This allows you to generate templates based on a prompt, enabling you to design everything beforehand before starting with the content.”

Easy access and support via the Academic Software platform

Both Bart and Thomas agree about the Academic Software platform. “Students easily find their way to the Academic Software platform. At the beginning of the school year, they receive a brief introduction, making it quickly clear what they can find there and how to reach the helpdesk. They register their licenses themselves and receive support when needed. Students often give us feedback that their questions are answered and resolved quickly—a big compliment to Academic Software,” concludes Bart Van Eemeren enthusiastically.

More info can be found on the Adobe Express website.

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