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One platform for all your digital tools

Academic Software, your trusted partner for digital transformation in education, simplifies access to 100% of your software, digital platforms and cloud applications through one user-friendly platform.

Your educational institution will be supported by a team of experts at every stage of your journey with Academic Software, providing a technology-driven, end user focused platform which unburdens your educators, researchers and students.  

Experience effortless management and maintenance of your digital tools within one single platform.

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Are you striving for fewer systems
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Want to offer easy access to software and licences without burdening
your IT department?

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Facing challenges in offering a
worry-free digital journey to your
institution’s users?

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Interested in unlocking insights to optimise cost efficiency
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Worried about safeguarding your information and the security
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Frame 1 Secure Single Sign-on

Our goal is not to add another system to your workload but to streamline your operations. We seamlessly integrate with your existing SSO and LMS, providing each user with a personalised experience. No more hassle of managing user profiles or data synchronisation. With every login, users gain customised access to the software, cloud solutions, and digital platforms they need. Whether you're onboarding a new educator or a student changing courses, every individual sees only the tools that are relevant to them.


  • A single username and password for all your tools
  • Access to the right tools, tailored to your group or curriculum
  • Immediate access for new students, anytime throughout the year
  • Eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple portals. Managing your SSO/LMS is all you need to do
Frame 2 Deployment and licensing for all your digital tools

Managing digital tools can be complex. Whether they're installed natively, deployed via MDM, web-based platforms, VDI, or through other methods, each tool has its own intricacies. Similarly, licensing can range from volume-based to named, product-based, using licence servers, or even SSO. Every tool has its unique approach to licensing and deployment. Academic Software seamlessly integrates and automates all these deployment and licensing methods. Furthermore, our automated deprovisioning ensures efficient licence management. The result? Each user enjoys the most suitable methods tailored to their specific needs.


  • Tailored deployment method to best fit each individual case
  • No more manual licence attribution and deprovisioning
  • Licence usage will match the real usage of the software
Frame 3 Multilingual user support

We understand that not everyone has the same technical expertise. Our commitment is to ensure that users, be they educators, staff, or students, can effortlessly use our tools on their devices. We provide comprehensive support, from installation and initialisation to licensing. Users can access our user-friendly manuals for guidance or contact our service desk directly for assistance, assuring a smooth experience for all.


  • Students can count on seamless tool functionality for their curriculum needs
  • Students no longer have to rely on friends and family for IT support
  • IT departments can shift focus from end-user support to other tasks
Frame 4 Cost management

We recognise the cost challenges of software and digital tools and offer a solution to ensure their efficient use. Our platform provides valuable insights into licence, software, and application usage, along with cloud consumption and costs. We offer dynamic licence assignment, monitor tool usage through our SSO passthrough and IP whitelisting, and track VDI usage. This enables you to take control of your expenses, enhance cost efficiency and improve budget management.


  • Real-time licence assignment
  • Automated licence deprovisioning
  • Monitoring of tool usage via the platform
  • Comprehensive dashboard with all essential data
Frame 5 Data protection and cyber security

In many scenarios, you may prefer not to disclose your users' data to third parties. However, you still aim for seamless integration. At Academic Software, we prioritise user data privacy and security. Our Identity Broker enables effortless integration with any identity provider, ensuring instant licence allocation and complete anonymisation of user data. This means your users can access any tool with their standard institutional credentials while remaining anonymous to the software vendor, guaranteeing robust data privacy.


  • One-click access to every tool via the platform
  • Instantaneous licence allocation
  • Option to anonymise user details when necessary
digitall Digital inclusivity

We believe in the importance of equal access to digital resources. We understand that not everyone knows how to find the right tools, or can navigate the complexities of licensing. Some users may lack the technical skills to troubleshoot issues, while others may not have powerful enough computers to run specific software. That's why we're here to bridge these gaps, making sure that all users can embrace digital opportunities inclusively and equally.


  • Ensuring consistent digital access for every user
  • Facilitating an even playing field, allowing tech and non-tech-savvy users alike to use tools with ease
  • Providing multilingual support so all users can efficiently use the tools
ACSW-testimonial_profile_Roel Vandommele

“The Academic Software platform has been a key success element in smooth campus services for our students.”


Roel Vandommele

Director of Finance, Data and ICT
Howest University of Applied Sciences
ACSW-testimonial_profile_Bart De Rouck

Academic Software is the new normal for what it is to study. It’s working, everybody is happy, and no one is uncertain about how to use digital resources in their teaching and learning.

Bart De Rouck

IT Director & CIO - HOGENT

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