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Free licences: the support you’ve been waiting for


Autodesk offers its phenomenal range of design and modelling tools free to users in education, but the verification and installation steps for not only Autodesk titles, but many other free-to-use software, can prove challenging. Academic Software can solve this – supporting the verification and installation of free-to-use software for your students.


Accessing Autodesk's free education software

Autodesk offers its leading range of modelling tools – including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Maya, Inventor Professional, Revit, 3ds Max and Infraworks – free to users in education. But many users find it difficult to follow the verification and installation processes.


The difficulties students have in finding and installing free-to-use software like the titles from Autodesk can mean institutional IT departments have to deal with a large number of help requests, and lecturers and teachers are hesitant to recommend these titles; unsure that students will be able to access them.


How Academic Software supports students

But Academic Software takes the hassle out of using free-to-use software like AutoCAD by making the titles available through the platform, and supporting the verification and installation process. And Academic Software offers helpdesk support by email, chat and phone to guide students through getting the software up and running on their device.


Academic Software guarantees that a legitimate user will get verified, and be able to get the free-to-use software they want up and running on their own device, without needing help from institutional IT staff.


Free-to-use should mean free from hassle – Academic Software helps ensure you get the most out of educational access and free-to-use software!