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Academic Software signs Digital Inclusion Charter

The Digital Inclusion Charter is a new, bold and innovative step towards the digital inclusion agenda, and Academic Software is definitely on board!


Signing Academic Software’s public commitment to digital inclusivity at a ceremony on 16 June, Academic Software’s CEO Arne Vandendriessche said:


“Any time a young person sits in front of a computer screen uncertain how they can access a software tool they need, is a moment when their education potential hangs in the balance. Working on a day-to-day basis with schools and universities in more than 17 countries, we understand the challenges of ensuring no one is left behind in a world where digital transformation is bringing powerful new ways of learning.”


He added:


“As we continue to help schools and universities enhance their teaching and research through digital resources, we are committed to promoting digital inclusivity for everyone in our society.”


Academic Software is the newest signatory to the Digital Inclusion Charter, formally joining forces with government and other organisations leading the way on inclusivity in digital transformation. Belgium’s deputy prime minister, Petra De Sutter, participated in the signing ceremony and emphasised that the fight against digital exclusion is “a fight for fundamental rights.”